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Home Improvement Remodeling

Framing a basement can entail challenges unlike other areas of the house.  Working around obstacles in order to accommodate original construction and existing mechanical systems is challenging. Adding basement walls enables the home owner to capitalize on their existing structure.  Some of the benefits include adding usable space, decreasing heat loss, increasing resale value, increasing personal home ownership pride and more.


Creating a home theater has become one of the hottest topics in home improvement. But unlike other home improvement projects a home theater is an investment in personal entertainment.  Whether you are looking for a family center, a formal experience, a gaming zone, a theater viewing, or other our team will create that atmosphere for you.  ​

A bar can turn a normal room into one of the warmest gathering places in your home.  The 

key to a well constructed bar is fitting it to both the room and the personalities of the home owner.  We work closely with our customers to achieve the best solution for today and the future.  All of our bars are custom made using the finest materials available. ​​

Bathrooms are another place in your house that can be difficult to remodel based on available space and budget.  We can help you update your bathroom according to your space and budget to make your bathroom more functional and better suit your needs. 

Whether your doing cosmetic changes or a complete remodel we will carefully plan your kitchen project.  Two factors really determine the extent of the project: available space and budget.  Whether​ your kitchen is a minor update or a complete remodel we will work with you to stay in your budget and complete your project to meet your current needs. 

​A room addition is a great way to expand your existing home.  Many times people love the home they are in but with new arrivals or simply wanting to expand your lifestyle a room addition is the perfect way to get the space you need without having to sell the home you love. Each one of our room additions is unique and reflects the customers personal style.  


Whether you need a deck made out of wood, aluminum, or composite materials, whether it is small or large; we look forward to the challenge.  Each deck we create is unique and we will not build two decks exactly alike.  All of our decks are constructed with the best materials available.